Our Classes

  • Class Overview

    Our preschool program has four dedicated classes
  • Playgroup

    • We go out of our way to ensure that the child learns to cope with separation and finds himself/herself at home.
    • We attract and arouse the curiosity of the children to explore the wonderful world of education and let them learn through PLAY at their own pace.
    • Interactive learning is facilitated by engaging stories and poems, audio-visuals, enticing toys and games. 
    • Call us for more information.
    • Age Group:
      1.8 year +
  • Nursery

    • Dive right into class with one of our expert teachers.
    • Our goal as educators is to spur our students’ curiosity and allow them to learn at their own pace.
    • The child develops basic learning skills through projects and hands on experience.
    • We also introduce them to the world of alphabets and numbers through the play way method and prepare them for the next level.
    •  Get in touch with us to learn more, or better yet, come by to experience this class first-hand. Call us for more information.
    • Age Group:
      2.5 year +
  • Junior K.G.

    • Teachers at KIDOS PLAYSCHOOL AND NURSERY will go out of their way to engage their students and inspire them to enquire and learn.
    • At this stage, we lay emphasis on activities that promote overall-development of the child and motivate them to verbalize their thoughts and feelings. 
    • The child is being prepared to transition smoothly from pre-school to primary school.
    • We also ensure they are well-adjusted and developed as they get ready to step out and enter mainstream schools.
    • Give us a call today if you want to learn more.
    • Age Group:
      3.5 year+
  • Senior K.G.

    • Enroll in this hands-on, innovative class and take part in a unique, challenging learning experience.
    • Our qualified and skilled teachers serve as facilitators in the course, guiding students through exploring and individual learning.
    • We lay emphasis in developing a degree of proficiency in language, logical and mathematical ability through a mix of projects and structured curriculum to prepare them to enter the primary section of mainstream schools.
    •  Give us a call if you want to learn more.
    • Age Group:
      4.5 year+
  • Kidos Study Group

    • Kidos Study Group provides a personalized guidance approach for every student.
    • Our qualified and skilled teachers aim at obtaining conceptual clarity and emphasize on understanding the concepts as opposed to just “Rote learning”.
    • Besides education, Kidos Study Group also provides a platform for the child to explore other areas of interest such as dancing, arts, etc. We strongly believe in the overall development of the child.
    • Our teachers are invested in mentoring students for success, in academics and in life.
    • Our Study Club offers help with homework and different activities each weekday for the children aged between 3.5 to 14 years (up to class IX)
    • Age Group:

      3.5 year+
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