Life At School

  • Kidos has been designed to meet the requirements of the young child. The content and curriculum are based on extensive research in the field of early childcare education. Our teachers are well-trained to ensure that the child is well-adjusted. They also serve as facilitators and guide students with patience and love as they explore the world of education. We use toys that are age-appropriate, user-friendly and non-toxic in nature. They serve as leading teaching aids to develop the child’s abilities and are updated on a regular basis. Our ambiance is designed to make the child feel at home. Colorful walls and furniture make the child feel at home

    Our discovery corners include

  • By the Shore

    The most popular corner in the school. The child is free to play with sand and water. Paper boats, sand castles and an introduction to aquatic life are the specialties of this corner.

  • World of Wonder

    Watching a seed grow into a plant, a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, learning about the different species in the world, and many such wonders is what happens around here! Kids love it!

  • Cyber Conrner

    his corner equips the child with the technology he/she needs tomorrow. They learn to identify the alphabets on the keyboard, move the mouse, and watch interactive educational videos and programs.

  • Young Architects

    This is an area where the child learns about sequencing, size, shape and indulges in the pleasure of building things and objects and well.. also the sheer joy of breaking them.

  • Puppet Corner

    Stories come to life using puppets and teach the kids various concepts and lessons.

    • These corners along with our other corners like amateur artist, dance and athletic corners help our kids explore their hidden talents. These talents are portrayed through our Annual day, Sports day and other activities. We at Kidos, believe in the overall development of your child and do believe in giving them a platform to showcase their talents.
    • Our Study Club offers help with homework and different activities on each week days for the children ages between 5 to 14 years (upto class IX). Contact us for more information. Limited Seats available..