About Us

  • A Lively Learning Experience

    Ever since we got our start in 2000, Kidos Playschool and Nursery has been preparing young ones to learn and explore. Our team members will go the extra mile to give your little one the tools needed to grow and succeed.

    We are here to broaden the intellectual horizon of your child by introducing the child to pleasure of learning through creative projects and audio-visual stimuli. 

    We believe in the philosophy of overall development of the child through the play-way method and projects. Our curriculum is developed by experts with extensive experience in the field of early childcare education and development.

    At Kidos, we follow the “Reggie Emelia Way” of doing things at Kidos. This is a time tested Play-way method which allows our little champions to explore and learn at their own pace.  This is evident in the way we have structured our classrooms and syllabus.

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